"Hello" and "Good Bye"

Добрый день! (Good day!)

Today I’ll be talking about basic (very, very basic) Russian phrases that you can use when you meet a Russian speaking person. This was the first thing I memorized, even before learning the Russian алфавит (alphabet). But I strongly recommend you to study the alphabet before you go through this post :) 

Saying “hello”:

  • Здра́вствуйте! - Hello! (formal)
  • Здра́вствуй! - Hello! (informal) 
  • Приве́т! - Hi! (informal) 


Здра́вствуйте, профе́ссор. - Hello, professor.

Ири́на, здра́вствуй! - Hello, Irina!

Все́м приве́т! - Hey everyone! (lit. All hi!)

Greetings throughout the day:

  • До́брое у́тро! - Good morning!
  • До́брый де́нь! - Good afternoon/Good day!
  • До́брый ве́чер! - Good evening!


До́брое у́тро, А́нна. - Good morning, Anna.

Алекса́ндр! До́брый де́нь! - Aleksandr! Good afternoon!

Ива́н, до́брый ве́чер! - Ivan, good evening!

Saying “good bye”:

  • До свида́ния - Good bye (formal)
  • Всего́ хоро́шего! - All the best/So long (г is pronounced as в)
  • Пока́! - Bye! (informal)
  • До за́втра! - Until tomorrow!/See you tomorrow!
  • До́брой но́чи - Good night (lit. Good nights)
  • Споко́йной но́чи - Good night (lit. Calm nights)


До свида́ния, Евге́ний. - Good bye, Evgeny.

«Всего́ хоро́шего, и спаси́бо за ры́бу!» - “So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish” (book by Douglas Adams)

Пока́, Ю́лия! - Bye, Yulia!

До за́втра? - See you tomorrow?

До́брой но́чи, Ва́ня. - Good night, Vanya.

Все́м споко́йной но́чи! - Good night everyone! (lit. All good night!)

Remember that the “о” and the “е” changes its sound when it’s not accented.

- “о” sounds like the “o” in the English word “monument”, or even close to the letter “a” in “almond”.

- “е” sounds like the “e” in the English word “green” or “here”.

Also, “до свида́ния” and “до за́втра” is said like it’s one word. So the non-accent rule applies here, too.

Don’t forget to practice everyday!

До свидания!! :)

(Источник: imlearningrussian)